Sharam Jey - In My Blood

Miami Vice discotronics in overdrive throughout this second release from dance maven Sharam Jey. All that's missing is a coked out stick figure, Waybe Doba and two guys in robot costumes.

Guest appearances throughout make for one of the best releases to cross my desk in a short while, albeit a little lite to make my A-Team.

Revolution sets the scene for the Nik Valentino powered title track, a 80's throwback that sets the scene for yet another instant love affair Fists Of Fury. In fact the whole collection falls so effortlessly into each other arms it's actually pretty insane.

Fast forwarding through the tracks now and I end up in some kind of LA Fitness soundscape in the form of Sleep Walk, sans CNN and asinine sports shows assaulting my sense. Thankfully Unique gets us firmly back on track where we stay for the remainder of the collection.

Rating: 693,266 (out of a possible 1,000,000)