Dr. Octagon - Instrumentalyst

When Dr Octagonecologyst first hit the platters in 96 a cult album was born. Now, as a Dreamworks re-release makes it's way out to the masses this instrumental version has been made available.

References to the subject matter that made my ears tingle have unfortunately been erased completely from this version of the album, including the opening film soundbite which really helps get the original version off to a flying mad lusting doctor start. Nevertheless it's a joy to hear some of the awesome work that has been put into the making of a near classic.

Nakamura, a name on an inner sleeve, seems responsible for the synthonic renderings and other than a few additional musicians (including the all important genius of Keith Thornton in the audio tricks department) seems to be responsible for supplying synthonics for the entire soundtrack, and what a soundtrack! From the sinister horror flick meets James Bond groove of Blue Flowers to the simpler darkly dub grooves of A Visit to The Gynecologyst, Nakamura and the gang ably managed to present the full and unobstructed view of the excellent vocal work on Dr Octagonecologyst which has now thankfully been made available for all to hear on its own terms.

Rating: 721,422 (out of a possible 1,000,000)