London Acid City - Smooth World Dance

Here come three essential albums for seasoned clubbers and newbies alike. Each with many excellent examples of the kind of music that just won't go away (much to the chagrin of all those guitar rock duds out there), and all on one of the coolest labels currently in operation, Mutant Sound System.

The first is a collection of over two hours of music on 2 CD's called London Acid City, a definitive look at what London has been pumping out for the last few years and a serious contender for the 1998 "Only Acid Compilation You'll Ever Need" award.

Literally packed with the kind of beats you only usually ever get to hear when you're too buzzed to find the DJ and enquire as to the source of the delightful aural fare.

Features mixes from Chris Liberator, Lawrie Immersion and others, with one of the CD's mixed entirely by Zebedee and Orange Peel, all core members of the London Underground.

Rating - 904,266 (out of a possible 1,000,000)