Massive Attack - Mezzanine

From time to time our official regulation reviewing system emits music that comes directly from the future. It happened this morning when the new CD from Massive Attack slid into our Power Macintosh (our official regulation reviewing system) and emitted something intensely pleasurable.

Rather than leave it at that (I'm the first to recover and make it to the data entry terminal) I'll attempt to tell you a little about the best CD any of us have heard so far this year.

First, and I know I must be dreaming this, Liz Frazier sings on this album, and not a Cocteau Twinism in sight. She sings on Teardrop and a couple of others. Another definite favorite is Man Next Door. I was getting greedy waiting for the amazingly cool vocals to come back in during a middle section but it went on just the right amount of time and the amazingly cool vocals came in as if on cue. Even my legendary loathing for recognizable lyrics was squashed beneath a very real urge to listen to every word. Kind of wanting to get the meaning of it all.

Dissolved Girl is another "Top Tenner" if this album gets the airplay which I'm sure it will, so all in all an amazing new release from Massive Attack, well worth the highest score we've given to date.

Rating: 994,720 (out of a possible 1,000,000)