Orbital - The Middle Of Nowhere

If you'd spent the last decade keeping track of popular electronic music keywords the word Orbital would be up there in your most noticed list, primarily because their body of work reaches outside the normal sphere of influence currently super structured by the likes of Prodigy, Fluke and the many more.

Able to supplement their string of dance hits with Film, TV and even game soundtracks is what this South East London duo of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll have been doing quite well thank you very much since the mid eighties, and with the release of The Middle Of Nowhere it looks like they're about as solidly entrenched in the electronic music scene as you can possibly get.

Sure you can dance to it, like you can dance to Kraftwerk, but the main center of activity will be what's energized and brought to life up there in your nut. It's highly charged with millions and millions of sample packed riffs that revolve constantly around ever changing centers consisting of everything from break beats, femme vocals and strident strings to chunky B3 chops, special effects and even high art.

More than enough to help get us all into the next millennium.

Rating: 912,044 (out of a possible 1,000,000)