Moloko - Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

Direct from Sheffield, England (home of Heaven 17, The Human League and er Def Leppard) comes a splendid CD from Moloko. Originally released on the Echo label in the UK it looks like Warner Brothers want to get this one out just in time for the summer.

It's relatively light going compared to some of the stuff that reaches us here at but still packed with enough techno trivialities to keep most anyone into the pop, jungle, trip-hop, phat p-funk beats and jazz genre's happily cleaning the house all day.

Mark Brydon and Roisin Murphy have put together a fresh and innovative album, I'm looking forward to hearing at least three tracks make their way onto radio playlists, and not just the college kind

Some favorites of mine include the lead track Fun For Me which kind of sets the tone for the whole album, it sets a pace and sticks with it while at the same time dropping in the occasional, and crucially neccessary riff here and there. Next is Dominoid which goes to some really strange places while at the same time utilizing the talents of a particularily sultry set of vocal chords.

Finally on my hit list has to be Killa Bunnies, in fact I actually love this track a lot. I demand to hear more of this kind of music on their next album. The following tracks also displays a maturity that will hopefully be prevailant on their eagerly anticipated follow up.

Rating: 792,611 (out of a possible 1,000,000)