The Moog Cookbook - Ye Olde Space Bande

If you remember thinking that all those synthesizer cover version albums in the seventies were actually a new form of high art then this album is for you. If you remember thinking they were merely novelty items and good for playing at parties then this album is also for you.

Me, well I'm one of those people who listened to albums with names like Go Moog! and Electric Coconut while growing up in the north of England and wishing I lived in America so that I could play on a synthesizer too.

I still remember the way all those amazing sounds affected me and especially appreciate the skill involved in putting together an album like Ye Olde Space Bande.

There's the inevitable spoofery involved when classic synthesizer meets classic rock but there are also many occasions where the more serious homage to electronic music stuff can be heard. Listen to their rendition of Hotel California and then the W. Carlos version of Elgar's Pomp And Circumstances on the By Request album (which was banned in England).

Needless to say the album is packed with a million magical moments which will no doubt be entertaining normal folk and synth freaks for years to come.

Rating: 897,210 (out of a possible 1,000,000)