Various - The Morning After

Another electronic music compilation, this time an ecletic mix of drum & bass, trip hop and ambient compiled and mixed by Mixmaster Morris (Flying High, Global Chillage). The more compilations released the better, it's totally the best way for newcomers to test the waters and with respected DJs like MMM picking the picks you know you're getting the good stuff.

The tracks on this CD are samples of what was floating around the electronic music scene during 1995 in London. Awesome tracks from Spring Heel Jack, Subtropic and Appaloosa & Orbit among others makes me wish I'd been there to witness the reactions to the initial airing of these modern masterpieces, in fact nearly all the stuff on this compilation sounds so fresh as to make me wonder wether "classic" electronic music refers to anything recorded before this morning.

Mixmaster Morris strongly believes that "it's a DJs responsibility to search for the best underground music, and to help bring it to a wider audience." He's accomplished this directive with this compilation, in fact two or three a year wouldn't be out of order. There's an inordinate amount of new electronic music being recorded and released these days and new styles and sounds seem to be appearing monthly.

As he points out "Independent techno labels cannot use the mighty hype machines of the majors, and their music often doesn't even get reviewed", enter the major labels' penchant for releasing compilations at a thoroughly alarming rate. Bravo.

Rather than an "in-depth" about the music contained on this album I suggest you just believe me when I tell you you'll love it. It's all good.

Rating: 951,009 (out of a possible 1,000,000)