DJ? Acucrack - Mutants Of Sound

Could DJ? Acucrack be industrial DJ's. How far are those industrial folk away from electronic music anyway. With a debut release on Slipdisk's new electronic label Lost In Bass they're certainly moving the industrial elements that have long powered bands like NIN and Ministry well and truly into the DJ domain.

Jason Novak and Jamie Duffy, both veterans of the industrial club scene via Acumen Nation, splice grooves and textures together with surgical precision. Anything that helps the end product is effectively incorporated into the big mix.

Although built around the kind of non-stop format that most DJ's employ to keep the whole thing moving along there is hardly any wasted action. Not bad for an album that clocks in at one hour and thirteen seconds.

When the industrial version of some good old drum'n'bass kicks in halfway through, complete with power toms and gut wrenching kick drum, you know you're listening to something way out of the ordinary, so sit back, or get down, while listening to something new.

Rating: 950,080 (out of a possible 1,000,000)