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Track fourteen has over 50 individual sounds that were used throughout the album, available absolutely free, for all you samplehackers out there to screw around with (not that we could access them - even with all our super hot state of the art digital audio equipment).

Everything you like about the Prodigy, NIN the Sex Pistols, Plug and Metallica combine to make what could possibly be a definitive example of what Rock music is, and always was, all about (whatever that may be).

Some of the best drum rolls in history, creamworthy axe work (electric and acoustic), heavenly programming (verging on genius) and really great lyrics (and I think lyrics suck) make this album a possible best of the decade contender.

It's another great example of the way in which electronics are allowing artists to produce works that are powerful, emotive and capable of attracting those who would otherwise stand off to the side and cast the classic "electronic music is too sterile" net over the whole genre.

As far as the free samples at the end are concerned it was a joy to be able to listen to many of the constituent parts that came together only moments before to create such awesome tracks. No sooner had I listened through the album than I was launching ProTools 4.0 on our Apple 7300/200 and importing samples from the CD. If some of the guitar samples sounded familiar it's because the person responsible, Jim Davies, also worked on the Prodigy's Firestarter and Breathe.

No plagiarism here because this really is the real thing.

Rating: 990,284 (out of a possible 1,000,000)