Plug - Drum 'n' Bass For Papa / EP's 1, 2 & 3

If you want to hear a landmark recording, a work of art that moves an entire genre forward with one big push, then listen to this album! It's another amazing collection of amazing music from Luke Vibert, who this time wears his Plug head for nothing and creates a masterpiece.

Get your ears deep enough in there to discern the Rickenbacker bass guitar hidden away in the ridiculously mysterious opening track and you're one tiny step away from being able to hear things you never even dreamed of. Marvel as some actor making creepy Scooby ghost sounds enhances your listening pleasure a little while later, or what about that Esquivel In Hell Forever riff that surfaces from nowhere about two and a half minutes into track three and ends up getting stuck in your head for days and nights afterwards.

There's also the big mystery as to how the six inch "woofers" on our reference monitors are capable of making things fall off work surfaces at various times throughout this CD, even though nothing out of the relatively ordinary can be heard taking place.

Believe me this is powerful stuff, and with twenty full length tracks you'll be kicking yourself for wasting money on all those compilation CD's. The percussion tracks alone must have taken hundreds of years to construct.

Needless to say I'm convinced that this album is a real honest to goodness electronic music landmark, proving that modern technology is not only capable of allowing hitherto unimagined sounds and musical themes to become a reality but also of enhancing the creative energies of certain gifted individuals who in turn produce works of sheer genius such as this album - which we cannot stop playing.

Rating: 991,579 (out of a possible 1,000,000)