Family Fantastic - Nice

When disco mania was at its peak in the 70's the sound of electronics was everywhere. Electronic snares, pounding analog bass drums and bass guitars, vocoders, space age sound effects and stabs of various shapes and sizes helped make the stars of the disco scene as big as people could get, and out there boogying with the best of them was the Family Fantastic, a group that never released a record, performed live or even gave an interview, but nevertheless created such a hard core following that here they are again with they're first ever release.

Fans will be super happy to learn that all the original members of the band are featured on this disc including Vince Fantastic, who did a brief stint as Vince Clarke in the eighties with some electronic outfits, and even Doctor Reeves Fantastic who has been seen hanging with top popster David Bowie among others.

As for the music this is classic FF, all the essential ingredients that made disco what it was. Corny sound effects, repetition, crappy lyrics, repetition, slightly out of tune voices, pounding beats, lots of people singing at once and much much more.

Rating: 874,112 (out of a possible 1,000,000)