Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land

The Fat Of The Land is at the time of writing this review (970802 04:20:28PM PST) in the "Top Ten" of nearly every album chart in the world. This in itself is a resounding thumbs-up for electronic music, and the Prodigy must be floating on air!

The best thing is that the album is actually one of the best albums all of us here at have heard this year, and it's really not that often we agree on anything.

Sound effects and incidentals aside there's a rock solid foundation that every song is firmly affixed to. Dynamically you won't hear any finer. From a commercial viewpoint the record buying public, especially the dance set, were compelled to buy this album, there was really no way out.

When Firestarter became a mainstream hit, with it's accompanying fixating sewer set video ("who the **** is this freak!"), the wheels were set in motion. Apart from a few "diehard" fans who accused the Prodigy of "selling-out" the overall response from electronic music fans, especially those new to the genre, was one of complete acceptance. The Prodigy were the obvious choice for the multitudes out there who are sick and tired of the same old guitar based rock we've been force fed for too long.

The fact is that millions of people around the world have just chosen to adopt this album as their entry into the wonderful new world of electronic rock music, and no doubt they'll be back for much much more.

Rating: 971,669 (out of a possible 1,000,000)