X-Dream - Radio

Although X-Dream are putting out quality electronic dance music on a par with any of a number of other dance outfits, there's something hidden within the rock solid foundations of this their particular brand that sets them well apart.

A darkness, emanating not only from the ever present repeated hooks which rarely stray more than a few semitones in any one direction, but also from the clouds of samples and sound effects that envelope the groove like ice crystals around a star bound comet.

No one track shines too much brighter than another, but in my book Electromagnetic does seem to have all the many, varied and essential X-Dream ingredients all in one place. With an extended robotic orgasm sequence and the incessant sample shrouded beats you'll be glad it lasts well over eight minutes, ending as a quick burst of static breaks in as the radio dial is turned, as is the case between every track, and it's "off we go again" time.

If only my radio could pick up so many cool electronic music stations here in Guitartown, USA (Seattle).

Rating: 848,220 (out of a possible 1,000,000)