Rockers Hi-Fi - Mish Mash

A train pulls into a station and someone is close to vomiting because of their pain. The opening audio visuals are smoothly replaced by hard analog and dub loops as the listener is taken to quite a few strange places. Mish Mash is a virtually seamless album with what little free and open space available invariably used to showcase literally thousands of mini riffs and SFX.

At track three a dub rap that is enhanced with a delightful sound bite from an Eek-a-mouse performance. The next track, Uneasy Skanking, includes a classic slow grind J. Bonham style drum pattern with a cool raunchy analog synth bass line as well as a light classical line that escapes me and small pieces of dub rap thrown in for good measure.

The different elements incorporated into nearly every single track compliment each other so well I feel anything would work with anything else. But there is a danger here, where is the identity of Rockers Hi-Fi? what do THEY sound like? Does it matter?

I'm looking forward to hearing how Rockers Hi-Fi develops. I also hope the analog synth remains the primary enhancing tool.

Rating: 831,880 (out of a possible 1,000,000)