Fluke - Risotto

The first time I heard Fluke's music was when I heard a song called Atom Bomb which was on a compilation CD by Gillian Anderson on Virgin called Future: A Journey Through The Electric Underground. It made me realize there was yet another band out there that truly knows what they are doing.

Their masterful manipulation of sounds, mixing expertise and those vocals put Fluke firmly on track for much deserved commercial success in that next millennium we're all so looking forward to.

A live show in Vancouver earlier this month laid any fears to rest that this was a one hit band. Song after amazing sounding song was laid out for all to hear, nothing in the way, just great music, and the album has more of the same. More than enough cool stuff to make it a mainstay in any electronic music lovers collection, and with most songs coming in at around 7 minutes you're definitely going to be taken places before being dropped back to earth.

Songs like Bermuda complete with futuristic dub feel and laid back vocals, Amp which builds itself up and up and Goodnight Lover with its space age sequenced spy themes give the listener many interesting angles on the music of a band that is still defining its sound in many different ways. High definition cymbal samples, constantly changing drum loops, frenetic percussion fills, many and varied effects embellishments and those cold as ice vocals make this album a joy to listen to.

Listen out for Absurd which, devoid of a censored expletive which unfortunately confined Atom Bomb to dance events and pirate radio stations, should be getting airplay in a town near you.

Definitely one of our favorite releases this year, and apart from a one second time difference between a few of the song lengths printed on the album cover and those shown on the CD player console on our Mac, this album is damm near flawless.

Rating: 987,080 (out of a possible 1,000,000)