Donald Glaude - Sampling The Future

I'm not generally one for spending too much time among the ultra high energy set out on the dance floor, preferring to chill in some dark corner somewhere, so when I fed the latest offering from Donald Glaude into the Mac I wasn't quite sure wether to dim the lights, set incense on fire or stock the fridge with sugar soda's.

Twenty minutes into the CD I'm still wondering what to do. Kind of transfixed by it all. I'm not surrounded by people and it doesn't even matter, the music is really making it happen, even in my sterile living area.

Expect an earth shattering range of expression from one of the best music melders the dance scene has to offer, and don't expect the usual roller coaster ride. Up one minute and down the other.

Instead prepare to be ever so gently elevated to tropospheric levels and held there. He might then let you go and allow you to fall a while before moving you over into another state. Not once did I get the urge to skip tracks, impatient for another groove, instead staying with it worked just fine. A great experience.

Rating: 850,223 (out of a possible 1,000,000)