Guillermo E. Brown - Soul At The Hands Of The Machine

Guillermo E. Brown's put the sounds of free style jazz from the inner city through some fairly hefty filters on this debut release from Thirsty Ear. Ranging from the abstract Basso.Ritmo.Luz to the relatively unaffected Managenese you'll be taken from space to space as if on some late night pursuit of the most happening scene in town.

Featured is Latasha Natasha Diggs who has worked with Bill Laswell and Ryuchi Sakamoto, saxophonist Andre Vida and bassist Shahzad Ismaily. Well suited as engineer is Chris Flam whose work with DJ Spooky, Matthew Shipp and William Parker makes for a well balanced and motivated sound which has the clarity of a live performance without the crowd.

Rating: 826,414 (out of a possible 1,000,000)