Raymond Scott - Soothing Sounds For Baby

Our local Library, of all places, was recently the source for one of the coolest electronic music offerings we've listened to in a while, and this stuff was put together almost forty years ago for an audience of sleepy babies.

Soothing Sounds For Baby is perhaps the purest form of electronic music you could ever hope to hear, with none of the pretentious present in music for adults. No corny solos, magnificent refrains or frenzied dance floor libations here, just the facts ma'am. Sound effects, bleeps, boings and dings, all put together with the sole intention of sending your precious mini me off to sleepy land.

The comprehensive booklet that accompanies each CD in this three volume series tells you all about its creator, Raymond Scott, how the music was put together and includes pictures of the machines that were used in the making of these precious recordings.

Rating: 870,595 (out of a possible 1,000,000)