Sunkings - Soul Sleeping

As a line of verse is recited, various pads and layers of sound are built as percussion and subsonic swoops bring the energy levels up to nominal. Finally breaking into an overdriven digital age looping dirge as Flesh Canvas carries you deeper, tones falling and tumbling all around as a death rattle hammers away in the near distance.

And don't expect things to get lighter from here on in as the Sunkings throw all they can at you, the unsuspecting listener. Moments of virtual ambience are quickly chipped away by pounding rhythms and wider than wide multi-level synthetic landscapes.

Made available by Blue Room Americas, the U.S. division of a U.K. label (Blue Room Release) originally set up to help promote those ultra cool Pod design speakers by B&W, Soul Sleeping is the debut full-length album from a band that promises to do even more great things way out there in the future.

Rating: 870,014 (out of a possible 1,000,000)