Steve Roach - Structures From Silence

This album was originally recorded in and around 1983, a time when electronic music fell into two distinct categories, experimental and synth pop. Today Structures From Silence can still be classed as experimental, if you must, but lets say the results came back a long time ago and we all liked what we heard.

It's been digitally remastered, so it sounds much the same way it did when Steve Roach originally conceived this music, growing it out into ever expanding circles from within his computer before putting it to magnetic tape at a place called the Timeroom, Culver City California.

Comprising of three pieces, each in excess of thirteen minutes, this work is without doubt a must have item for those of you who are looking for some good solid reference points within a genre of music which now spans an appreciable chunk of real estate down at the local record store.

Find it in ambient, mood, soundtrack, space, sublime, trance and elsewhere.

ating - 893,122 (out of a possible 1,000,000)