Biosphere - Substrata

After bringing Bel Canto to life in the late eighties Geir Jenssen has been at the forefront of the genre of electronic music known as ambient, and with the release of Substrata he is again being hailed as one of its defining forces.

Having just come back from a three day vacation on the islands of Riven I'm tempted to contact Cyan, the makers, and suggest they give Geir a call when they start on the sequel.

Subtstrata could easily become the soundtrack of such an imaginary place, with its beautifully simple repeating phrases, innocent meandering acoustic guitar lines and the deep and mysterious soundbites that come from places I can only dream about.

To say the music on this album is timeless is an understatement. It'll never ever sound dated, always fresh from the crisper, constantly enchanting you with its spell.

Rating - 991,417 (out of a possible 1,000,000)