Sum - 1

Sum do it all at once and make it all work together beautifully. Separate bits of nonsense become valid elements, crucially essential to the big picture.

If you're halfway through the wonderful Taxi, for example, and it really does sound like you're bouncing down into New York City behind a bulletproof shield, please note the absence of car engine and horn samples. It certainly wasn't spelled out for you but you're there all the same.

The creation of two New York scenesters, Danny Blume and Chris Kelly, Sum continually gives you something in return for your attention. The better you are at listening the more you'll get.

There's Fata Morgana, running its fingers around the mouth of your glass, lifting you up and away without you even realizing it. The belated percussion nudging you out into the correct space.

Let them take control for a while. You'll like it.

Rating - 947,612 (out of a possible 1,000,000)