Tarwater - Dwellers On The Threshold

Without a doubt the best electronic music these days is coming out of Europe, and this latest release from Tarwater is yet another great reason why we stand even closer by our proclamation.

Although the various samples are descended from an acoustic source of one genus or another the intentions are clearly synthetic in nature. Sure there's a harp, clavinet and piano at center stage on Be Late, for example, but it isn't long before a decidedly digital vibrato overtakes the latter and the whole pretty thing turns into some ambient soundscape.

One half of the German duo, Ronald Lippok, also lends to the real life feel of this work with his Lou Reedish approach to singing and although I'm not usually one for singers (unless they're called Jon Anderson) I especially appreciate the spoken word approach that compliments, in a symbiotic kind of way, the abundance of instrumental work in this their best work to date.

Rating - 889,374 (out of a possible 1,000,000)