T-Bass UK - The Infection Of Time

This album has all the ingredients I love to hear from pure electronic music releases - rich analog textures, pompous percussion tracks and flagrantly indulgent synth solos.

Parallels with Tangerine Dream can be drawn with their best years more than ably emulated throughout most of this debut release. There are also callbacks to other mainstays from the glory years of prog/pop synth music with comparisons to numerous popular artists helping to validate the work of David Hughes, the man behind the machines.

Without slipping into a time warp to get inspiration for this collection of big synth tunes he has instead taken freely from his heart and exhibited an obvious love for the genre by creating a collection of truly classic sounding instrumental odysseys.

So if you like big synthesizer sounds, analog and digital vocal pads, big fat drum machine sounds and Moog basses mixed in with full on stereo sound effects you'll love this album too.

Rating - 813,109 (out of a possible 1,000,000)