Kerosene - Teenage Secret

The CD opens with a track which uses the same piano sound that was a featured element of the Bowie hit Ashes To Ashes while repeatedly playing soundbites from some soft core love film, a sure way of making this particular listener decide to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Okay, so there are no more soundbites until Your Muscles but who cares, with such a bewildering assortment of chintzy lounge ephemera blended together in a giant sonic cocktail shaker you'll soon get the idea that the unexpected can happen at any time on this album.

With elements put together with a strange new kind of precision the whole thing makes absolute sense even if each individual track may not. If I had to choose a track that best represented the whole work I'd say Mambo Of Terror pretty much sums up the overall thing, with its stark raving mad heavily treated riff that comes and then goes and then comes back again while the tropical wonderland style percussion track hops along.

By the time you reach the title track you'll be just about ready for the laid back approach that is suddenly adopted. Again with plaintive piano ramblings and cool jazzy synth pads.

I liked it and sincerely hope you'll try it!

Rating - 834,226 (out of a possible 1,000,000)