Trance Atlantic Air Waves - The Energy Of Sound

I adore big fat lead synth sounds, ultra plush analog string pads and the kind of over the top production that makes everything sound impossibly amazing, so within seconds of seeing the debut release from Trance Atlantic Air Waves slide into into my Mac I became, to say the least, transported.

This creation by Romanian born musician Michael Cretu, the man behind Enigma, brings new life to such landmark film and TV themes as Axel F. (Harold Faltimeyer - Beverly Hills Cop), Crockett's Theme (Jan Hammer - Miami Vice) and Chase (Giorgio Moroder - Midnight Express). There are also three brand new original compositions on the CD, which fit right in.

Danish guitarist and remixer Jens Gad, who also worked with Cretu on his two most recent Enigma albums, was on hand to offer the kind of creative input that really makes all the difference when faced with the task of reworking these electronically created classics that have stood the test of time as well as any of the more traditional guitar based popular favorites.

Axel F for example, with its world famous synth riff, takes on a whole new lease of life when re-created using modern digital synthesis and sampling technology while utilizing the kind of audio editing and processing software which simply didn't exist when these classics were born. Listen out for dancing percussive synth arpeggios during Dance With The Devil, reminiscent of a technique introduced by long time Steve Hillage associate, Miquette Giraudy, and an excellent example of the way in which just the right flavors are added at just the right times whenever absolutely necessary.

Rating - 872,204 (out of a possible 1,000,000)