Blink - The End Is High

With electric guitars all over the place, a full piece rock kit and a preacher vocalist how does this CD manage to get reviewed on - I'll tell you - it just happens to contain masses of cool sound effects, bass line enhancements, string pads plus a truly original approach to getting those increasingly essential electronic elements into some good old-fashioned wholesome rock.

Cello, the third track in, is the first track to make sense to me, primarily because it goes out on a limb. Its cocky groove is flooded with fat Arabian strings which kicks the whole guitar thing right out of the window.

Followed by This One Is Wild which also gets it all right. Clean poetry, this time, with cacophonous and intensely busy scenery which puts all the action squarely in the spotlight.

Hailing from Dublin, which might explain the vaguely familiar occasional vocal inflections, it's surprising that electronics made it into the line-up at all. There are some tracks that hardly seem to contain any at all. The Raven being a good example, preferring to provide a decidedly rock anthem angle.

And why not. They're perfectly entitled to put whatever they want into the mix. Why pack it out with synths if it doesn't need them.

Maybe next time though eh.

Rating - 838,220 (out of a possible 1,000,000)