Paul Lansky - Things She Carried

Like a lucid dream Paul Lansky's music becomes one with a womans observations of day to day objects, descriptions of various situations and interpretations of her emotions. All the ingredients of her own personal reality are translated and re-presented by Lansky as she makes her way through various levels of self understanding and external awareness.

Relying more on the power of space and time than chorus and verse Lansky continues to produce music that takes the listener to places that exist only within range of a speaker system. Leave the room and you'll return to reality. Sure, you can think about the music when it's not there but with Lansky's music that's like Armstrong looking up at the moon.

The range of sounds and his method of assembly have created some of the most ethereal and virtually realistic atmospheres I've ever experienced, with many of Hannah MacKay's words processed by software running on NeXT and SGI computers, or embellished with sound effects and powerful audio processing software.

Yet again Paul Lansky has produced a truly timeless work which sounds as relevant today as it will do five hundred years from now, and with the growing popularity of the electronic music genre known as Ambient his music is destined to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Rating - 924,033 (out of a possible 1,000,000)