Gusgus - This Is Normal

When Polydistortion was released in 1997 I wondered whether this Iceland based performance collective was going to stick around for the duration. It all seemed too good to be true. Energies and influences coming in from multiple directions combining somehow to produce a refreshing and unique sound.

Well, it's 1999 and This Is Normal just made it's way to us, so it looks like they still have something to say, and after many listens I really don't see them running out of steam anytime soon.

As before production and sheer electronic artistry is there as strong as ever, but this time I notice more subtlety. They take slightly longer getting to the point which results in deeper, richer themes.

Ladyshave opens the performance, which was featured on a delightful Shockwave multimedia postcard I received from 4AD's LA office, and which gets things off to a groovelicious start. From there things get better and better with Superhuman the first to grow itself into an instant favorite within seconds of starting.

Rating - 865,912 (out of a possible 1,000,000)