Tower Of Winds - Taylor Dupree & Savvas Ysatis

There's something about architecture that really gets the imagination fired up. From Blade Runner mega-structure to tiny art deco coffee house they're all built from scratch, thousands of insignificant little pieces coming together to form an actual thing that will affect people in some way or other long after we are all dead.

Here the parallels with music, especially electronic music, are strongest. The construction of sometimes highly complex works from a myriad of component parts is really what a lot of it is all about. Tower Of Winds then is an excellent example of electronic music architecture.

The building blocks in this particular case are generally comprised of many tightly woven but free flowing themes, heavy with light rhythmic patterns, joined together and interspersed with many subliminal samples and ambiences which really give it all a very real feel.

There are a series of photographs of a building, on the cover, that may represent the inspiration for the whole album, a wide silver tower that changes it's appearance as night falls. But I feel the album is influenced by the concept and essence of architecture as a whole, the music moving from object to object, crossing deserted city streets to get from one to the other in search of some kind of real world symbiotic paring. Who knows.

Rating - 940,377 (out of a possible 1,000,000)