Chumbawamba - Tubthumper

The road to the top has not been a short one for Chumbawamba, with over fifteen years "at it" accompanied by the usual cruel remarks from various British music journalists who figured fifteen years without a major hit was fifteen years too long (did I say fifteen years yet?). But at the top they are, with people all around the World discovering the band for the first time and liking it.

Don't expect the expected from this album. It's not a novelty throw away toy! I'm currently at Mary, Mary on this my first listen through after hearing nothing but the title track from this band for over three months, and I'm more than pleasantly surprised. Nothing is coming across as generic or pretentious.

As far as the intelligent use of new technology is concerned there are tons of soundbites from those luxuriously depressing black and white films shot in 60's North England which should prove exhilarating to those unfamiliar with the full on blunter than blunt approach adopted by most northern folk.

Other enhancements include everything from BBC World Service offshore weather reports to the sound of ice cream vans, all inserted with crafty deftness into a soundtrack already containing almost every conceivable instrument ever conceived.

Rating - 921,877 (out of a possible 1,000,000)