Various - Speed Garage

Speed Garage, a newbie comp re-mix on the Ultra Records label, provides the eager listener with power versions of popular electronic music releases from the last year or so. The most recognizable, Spin Spin Sugar (Sneaker Pimps) getting the track list pole position and preparing the groundwork for what's to come.

Sensibly putting out the main theme at the top before screwing around with it, as is the recognized practice of most self respecting DJ's, Karl Brown and Matt Lamont succeed admirably where others fail miserably, primarily because they choose to retain and even subtly enhance the crucial elements of the originals. The bits that made them dance floor hits in the first place.

Kristine Blond's Love Shy, for example, with it's clean disco trot and silky smooth vocal treatments, is treated to a distinctly crispy high-end tap track and a new well rounded subsonic, er, bottom.

To be expected each track tumbles somehow into the next, and although the transition is invariably barely perceptible a wider morph zone on a few occasions would have helped make the entire album that much more non-stop.

Overall very clean, with flawless enhancements and hardly any needlessly filled in spaces.

Rating - 802,044 (out of a possible 1,000,000)