Rorschach Test - Unclean

A band originally from Denver that made Seattle it's home around five years ago has an unusually daunting task ahead of it, namely existing in a town known primarily for creating grunge (not the most keyboard friendly genre).

Score one for Rorschach Test, who not only stood their ground but actually managed to release an album which is currently getting the kind of radio play they always deserved.

High points of the CD have to include the cover of Berlin's Sex, with its irresistible driving heavytech groove and overdriven vocals. Blow Up America, Wheel of Misfortune, Monster and Lament also top my favorites list, primarily because the mix between guitars and electronics is more finely balanced than it is within other tracks, which tend to be a little too power guitar heavy.

A shame really, because if you listen really hard there's some awesome interplay between Ben Anderson's highly inventive guitar work and the keyboard's in there.

Rating - 791,679 (out of a possible 1,000,000)