u-Ziq - Lunatic Harness

Michael Paradinas pulls out all the stops on this album, Lunatic Harness, succesfully managing to present the eager ears of a large and growing fanbase with music which is as progressive and relevant as it is steeped in the style of "classic" electronic music.

Tracks by µ-Ziq (pronounced "music") are a favourite of our local radio station KCMU (pronounced "Kay See Em You") here in Seattle, where the completely impossible rythm tracks can be heard on a regular basis. On Lunatic Harness a balance between highly complex drum patterns and deceivingly simple repeated musical phrases has been expertly achieved. Not only is this a fascinating album to listen to but it also demands to be listened to over and over again.

On Approaching Menace a deep and powerful analog buzz sample holds court as drum patterns zap around and through the melody line only to somewhow provoke the mighty sample at the end into performing mini disco phrases. It's actually comical.

Catkin and Teasil is like a big mess that also manages to assume the form and order of a Chinese garden.

Hasty Boom Alert has a bit of everything I like about µ-Ziq, those nutty drum patterns, courageous/clever sonic treatments and good old fashioned analog synth melody lines.

At one point the percussion monster actually bogs itself down, driving itself momentarily into the ground before coming back as strong as ever.

What intrigues me most about Michael's work is the way in which it sounds as if it was constructed according to some bizarre mathematical model, designed to build something in your head without you ever realizing it.

Rating - 801,077 (out of a possible 1,000,000)