2wo - Voyeurs

When I heard that Rob Halford was working on a new album, memories of a crab like figure crawling over band members in a speeding car came to mind. Thanks to Beavis and Butthead's fascination with that particular clip it kind of played like a QuickTime movie every time I heard his name mentioned. But now, thanks to Voyeurs, I have a new and improved perspective.

Seconds into I Am A Pig, gunshot snares and ultra massive choppy guitars briefly fall away to reveal to the lucky listener a vocal line emanating from the mouth of Mr. Halford himself. The second time you hear this is when it turns into the chorus proper and immediately I imagine hearing it on radios all over.

The first time I listened through to the album I was playing it at volumes that would kill a normal person, but on second listen I reduced the levels a fraction and heard a lot of very weird stuff. You can't play CD's backwards but you can get plenty of subliminals in there without too much trouble.

Halford's vocal range is seemingly unaffected by years of ultrasonic singing and the production work of Bob Marlette and Dave Ogilvie really helps enhance each performance. An abundance of rock solid guitar work supplied by John Lowery and lots and lots of electronic wizardry, drum loops and sound effects will delight anyone even vaguely interested in modern rock music.

Marking territory as executive producer Trent Reznor sprays lightly on this album, but each and every incidence is a valid and constructive contribution, allowing Halford to shine, and shine he does. Bed Of Rust must rate as one of the best vocal performances he's ever produced, and backed by something other than the usual bass, guitar and drums, Rob Halford is finally able to stretch.

Rating: 870,108 (out of a possible 1,000,000)