Wamdue Project - Program Yourself

A truly groovy second offering from Chris Brann's Wamdue Project. Coming after two years of intensive engineering in a studio somewhere in Atlanta, he seems to have succeeded somehow in extracting the super critical elements of various musical styles and woven them into his peculiarly enticing brand of electro dance jazz.

Although remaining ever faithful to his dance music heritage, he is nonetheless doing the right thing by taking the time out to make sure his music is going exactly where he wants it to go, all the while maintaining a fresh aspect and that all important creative edge.

Those of you familiar with Resource Toolbook Vol. 1., his debut release for the Strictly Rhythm label back in 1996, will immediately notice many fundamental differences, most of which have to do with the adoption of a solid emphasis on song structures.

Where Do We Go and Spirit are good examples. Sure, they're songs, complete with vocals (from several sources), but listen closer. Apart from the fact that there's a lot of stuff going on inside there, listen out for the distinguishing touches. Those all important subliminals.

Be surprised.

Rating: 841,620 (out of a possible 1,000,000)