Zero 7 - Simple Things

Where did I hear Zero 7's UK top thirty hit Destiny, and the super dulcet tones of Sophie Barker and Sia Furler before. From some compilation maybe. Not the radio that's for sure, I don't listen to it anymore.

So that's my little mystery then. The two tracks before it set the stage with their hoppy drums and bass line, brilliant strings and acoustitronic keyboard pads and leads. After Destiny on into uncharted territory again, this time with an appreciation for the songwriting skills of Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker.

They add flavors in the form of guest vocalists only after getting the core grooves to work, often breaking into the deeper layers mid track before rebuilding in a different direction. It's not immediately obvious the extent to which they play with the various layers that are built up around the foundation, primarily because it all sounds so simple, so light. Then the heavy stuff is tuned in and all of a sudden you're lifted, way up there.

Rating: 898,244 (out of a possible 1,000,000)