Chotto Matte A Moment - ICU

All the way from Olympia, Washington State, comes a band that hits just about the same nerves as Add N To X but in a distinctly different way. At once annoyingly captivating, giving me (the listener) every reason to carry on listening without actually knowing why.

Straight into their release on K Records is a repetitive dirge that introduces the players, namely upright bass player Aaron Hartman, analog keyboard, organ and oscillator player Michigo Swiggs, and drum programmer, thereminist, sampler and guitarist K.O.. This soon makes its point and then swiftly followed by an absolutely delightful and equally fascinating piece called Yopparai, complete with super squeely vocals and a bewildering assortment of samples, drum breaks and even cooler stuff that I won't even begin to describe.

Needless to say the album is a joy to listen to, bringing all that's good about electronic music to an audience that just might be hearing it for the very first time.

Rating - 949,011 (out of a possible 1,000,000)